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Lewisia cotyldeon Elise

Lewisia Elise

Lewisia cotyldeon Elise

Lewisia cotyledon Elise will produce masses of star-shaped eye catching flowers that are highlighted by a stripe on the edge. The leaves will form into a fleshy rosette that are a deep, glossy green. Be warned however, Lewisia hate too much water, so keep that in mind when planting. You may need to offer the plant protection against rain in the cooler months, or alternatively, plant on a slope or stone wall so that water can run off the foliage. If too much water sits on the foliage, the plant crown will rot and you will lose the plant entirely. Plant in any well drained soil. Will tolerate full sun or partial shade. Supplied in a 1 Litre pot.

Height: 25cm

Spread: 30cm

Flowers: summer

Delivery is only available to customers living in the Tayside and Fife regions of Scotland. 

Image by Alex Fox from Pixabay  

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